Thursday, July 16, 2009

Gotta Love Garage Sales

The kids & I went to garage sales all day, we started out in Cass City then I had to head to Caro for a food pickup for Revive after that we went thur Reese stopped at a few sales their & I thought while I'm over this way I thought we should head over to Frankenmuth to pay Jesse's allergist stopped at a really good sale their, I got kitchen glasses there for $3.00 & Collin hit the mother load on name brand shirts, he's always been wanting & I won't buy them because the store prices are ridiculous, lots of Hollister, American Eagle & other nice clothes, Emily found a good amount of clothes also, Jesse was excited he found a lava lamp. O.K. so then I thought we are all the way over here and I absolutely love Culver's so I treated the kids to lunch, they have the best custard ice cream, then hit a few more sales. It wasn't until we got home that Emily found this in a purse that she bought, of course what do you do it's a hour drive away, how often do we get over that way, if I new their address I would send it back, we went to so many that I'm not sure if I even know where the house is, what do you do?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1st place Masters Trophy

Masters Female winner trophy

I was not expecting to get this trophy, I just wanted to finish and that I did.
They call it the Masters Trophy which means I came in first, 40 and over, it pays to be older I didn't say old just older. But I'm very proud of myself, it was my first race, I was nervous about the whole thing, which was silly, For the first time since last September my knee had swollen up two days before the race, to the point I could hardly bend it, I iced it for 2 days and just prayed and thank God for letting me run as much as he allowed, funny thing is I was so nervous that I forgot all about my knee until the day after the race, now everything hurts, I believe God carried me thru and I have checked off another accomplishment in my life.