Friday, March 27, 2009

The Artist

Jesse is the artist in the family there is probally not a day that goes by that he is not drawing something. Around Christmas time I asked him to show me what kind of supplies that he would like best, so we got up on line, it was funny he was getting so excited over paper & colored pencils. It was cute, God has definetely blessed him with a gift.

The Iron Man

Collin wanna be


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whole Wheat Baking

Today I baked & baked & cooked, something I love to do. Yesterday I went to the gym & ran 5 miles (yes) I wrote 5 , it is getting not only easier but addicting, but it's a good addiction. It feels so good to accomplish something only thru the grace of GOD. When I'm running I focus on God, have prayer time along with having my mp3 player blasted as loud as I can plus realizing that God is the one carry me thru, after my run I went home & crashed I think I did to much, I had absolutely no energy, so I did some research and I think my body just needs to adjust to something that I'm doing totally different other than normal for me, so we'll see in a few weeks, plus I think I really need to be more serious about eating better. So today I baked & cooked healthy cookies, healthy fruit muffins and plus I was hunger for brown rice pudding, I figured it was healthy since it was brown rice. I'm trying to get away from using white flour and feeding my family healthier I found a recipe for the muffins on joy the baker she used whole wheat flour and oats they turned out great and the recipe I used for the cookies, I just took a normal recipe and tweaked it with all whole wheat flour and added a few other items. Boy I'm glad my family doesn't complain to much about the wheat, tonight were having chicken noodle soup with whole wheat noodles, now those I myself need to get use to but I just add more of the other ingredients so it covers some of the taste. Well I need to go clean up my kitchen so I can start dinner.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Favorite Song

I added a song to my blog, I absolutely love the words to this song, especially with everything that is going on in the world. How about you what is your favorite song?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Memory Verse Monday

I used to dread Mondays, because so much has to get done just to start the week out. Just to name a few things I need to do are laundry,(so far 5 loads, 1/2 way done) groceries, clean up the house from the weekend, odds-n-ends are always stuck in their, plus I clean the church, which I'm usually their on Mondays alone 2 hours just cleaning up the trash, that doesn't include everything else I do there during the week(I love my job at the church by the way) which is definitely a Monday chore, I'm running around picking up my kids after sports or school things that are going on, lets not forget I need to cook dinner for my family. It seems like a ritual every Monday, and plus I try to squeeze in 1 hour or so to workout, which by the way I ran/walked 3 1/2 miles today (so excited). Remember I said I used to dread Mondays, well today marks a new Monday for me, I am bound and determined to rejoice in the fact that God gives us food to cook, washer/dryer to clean my clothes, a cleaning job at the church, a house to keep clean and also keeps my mind busy without worrying about tomorrow(which won't be as hectic)but most of all I thank God for Mondays because I can serve Him on this day. "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart as working for the Lord not for men." Colossians 3:23. This will be my verse for Mondays I am posting it with my Monday to do list.
I will learn to like Mondays,
I will learn to like Mondays,
I wil learn to like Mondays.
think I better pray about it

Thursday, March 12, 2009

5k Run/Walk

I did it I ran over 3 miles today (o.k. I threw some walking in their too, but ran most of the time)for me this is huge. Last September I had a goal to make it one mile, and if anyone knows me, I had been a smoker(non-smoker now)for over 20 years, quit a few years ago, not in the best of health and just turned (_0), I'll let you guess. Anyway,in just 1 week I made it a mile, I was so excited, I cried. Then I started going a little further and today makes 3 miles, I'm hoping to get better at it so I can run with Emily at Brown City Camp this summer. Last year I walked it with Beth & Moriah maybe they will run with me this year. It helps to have a good pair of running shoes, they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever owned.

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Jesse
Today Jesse Boy turns the double digit (10)
He designed his own cake with m&m's

Mischievous boys, Jesse had friends over for his birthday party, we had for him on Saturday, it was a fun day for him, it was a cold, rainy day so they stayed in and they all had Nerf guns does that tell you how the day went.

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Good Samaritan

I was very proud of Jesse today, and I also became very humble at the same time, we were at walmart today, and do you know the electric wheel carts they have for people who can't get around very well. Well there was a lady in one of those and she was having trouble getting it to go, I asked her if maybe the battery was dieing, it kept moving a little, so I just went around her thinking that it was working but was just going very slow as I was walking away Jesse said mom aren't we going to help her, just the way he asked me made me feel bad, I felt awful that I didn't even consider to figure out to help her but I also felt good that my son was concerned about someone he didn't even know, my kids are usually very considerate of others, it's not like this is Jesse's first time ever to be concerned of someone else, I just witnessed a little bit of Jesus today through my son and it was a neat moment for a mom. Just thought I would share that with whoever reads my blog, which by the you can leave comments or sign up to follow me,
and by the way Jesse did go to help her he went to get a cart for her and she insisted that she pay him, he refused the money, which I thought was another good thing that he did, but he did end of taking it after she insisted.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boys with Spring fever

You can't see it but Collin caught the ball, I still need to work on my picture taking.

I think the boys got spring fever today, when I went up town to pick Collin up from school my van thermometer said 50 degrees, he was ready to put shorts on, (not) anyway they did get to go outside and play for awhile.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sourdough Anyone?

Has anyone out there ever made sourdough? well I have to say I did, I made the starter and it took about 8 days to make. All it is, is flour and water mixed together. Every morning you add a cup of water and a cup of flour stir and leave until the next day. The first couple of days were not so bad, then you get into day 3 & 4 and the kids start asking what stinks? By day 6 I wasn't so sure I was liking the smell of it, so I emailed who I got the recipe from and she said it sounded normal and the smell won't always be like that. Last night made 8 days and I was going to make sourdough pancakes in the morning. Put all the ingredients together made a couple pancakes I took one bite and decided it wasn't worth it any more. After half of our family being sick, I just couldn't feed my family something sour. I know sounds pretty dumb, but I don't care. If you could of smelled it, you probally would have threw it away to. So I made some homemade cinnamom rolls instead. Made with 1/2 wheat flour so I am giving my family something good for them, makes me feel a little better than something sour.