Monday, October 12, 2009

My new Ice Cream Maker

What could be better than homemade ice cream I never could understand all the fuss over it, I like the store boughten stuff any time, never was one for homemade until I came across this website thefamilyhomestead, I absolutely love the site she makes just about everything from scratch and she is always making home made ice cream so I thought I would try it with her recipe, it just so happen Wal-mart was having a clearance on the one I wanted so I bought it. So far we have had Vanilla & Chocolate, it makes a gallon, a little more expensive but a whole lot better for you I mean if your gonna splurge on fattening stuff why not have the real stuff. Last week they had spartan ice cream for $1.99 that I think is a pretty good price and I would have bought it and I happen to think spartan ice cream taste good but I just walked away knowing I would feel guilty if I gave that stuff to my kids, have you ever looked at the ingredients in ice cream some of the words I can't even pronounce. I'm not saying I would never buy the stuff again but for now I'm enjoying homemade.