Friday, January 8, 2010

It's been quite some time since I have been on this blog, alot has been happening though, we are adjusting to homeschooling this year, and so far it is going good except for what I am completely inadequate to teach Emily (math)help anyone. Both Collin & Jesse are doing pretty good doing their work on their own, in the beginning I have to admit I was going out of my mind with back & forth between them. I think they finally realized that I'm not going to do the work for them. We had a busy Christmas break with family get togethers, 3dyc and just hanging out. This was my first year to go to 3dyc, a district youth conference with Emily this year, I have to admit it can be fun hanging out with a bunch of teenagers, except for the fact that they don't let you sleep much. Fred got either 4 or 5 deer this I lost count, what a blessing to fill up our freezer, and make sausage sticks out of one, he has went on a hog hunt also, so we have lots of sausage.

This is the group that went to 3dyc

This is Emily, Collin & Jesse tearing up the yard
they were out there a total of 4 hours today, they had alot of fun.