Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mackinaw camping

We had one of the most beautiful weekends ever to go camping. We left Thursday & stayed up at Mill Creek up in Mackinaw right next to the water. This picture is right across the street from our camp.

These two pic's are of the sunrise, it was awesome to watch it come up over the water.

No one ever goes hungry, Fred will always make a big breakfast, see our cool looking 3 burner, it has been used a lot, it's also great for canning on in the garage.

Look they even gave him his own little resturant

This is all us over on the Island we went with Beth & Eric and there family.

The kids like the ferry ride, on the way over there we where on top, & it got a little cold, we rode inside on the way back

Of course I had to stick this one in, this is the store I worked at one summer after high school it still looks the same.

It doesn't matter how many times I have gone over this bridge, it still scares the gee willes out of me., I tried to take a picture of it at night when it is all lite up but it wouldn't turn out.

It was a great little vacation making memories with my family.

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