Thursday, April 16, 2009

1st track meet

O.K. so my picture taking wasn't all that professional, but Emily ran like a pro at her first track meet of the year, very proud of her she got first place in this run, I forgot what it was that she ran and she is not here to ask her, she is at another meet which I couldn't go to this time, makes me sad because I try to be at as many as I can ,I think it is very important, but I just can't be at all of them. Collin will be starting soccer soon and Jesse baseball(my favorite sport of all time) so I gonna see alot of action this summer. I'm glad my kids like sports, I have been in some sort of sport pretty much all my life.

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  1. Yea! Emily!!! I just told Paul and he says, "She such a pretty girl". That good that you have something that you guys can do together. I look forward to Autumn being a little older. But I'm not rushing it!!