Monday, April 20, 2009

God is Good

Revive Ministries is a ministry that has started out of the Cass City Missionary Church, about 5 years ago, we started with having Evangelists and music bands come in for a couple of years, then we switched gears to having a funfair and a Evangelist come in which are the Dietzel's right now (pretty special people) look them up they have a great outreach ministry. I have a link to their ministry under my website. Last June we had our first Mobile Food Pantry & the turn out was amazing, you don't realize how bad people are hurting until you come into contact with them, & what a privilege it was to be able to serve our community. As of right now we are are established as a Community Food Pantry in Cass City, in the back of the Millennium Building we have opened a clothing store Friday mornings and we do Food Distributions on the 3rd Saturday of the month. We have had 2 so far and have had a good turn out. We are partnered with the Eastern Food Bank down in Flint and that is were we get probably 90% of our food $1 will buy $14 worth of food I'm amazed at how much we are able to give out each month.

This box was over flowing with lots of good stuff

We had lots of helpers, the community is great at working together

If any one ever wants to donate to a good cause this would be a good one, not only do we give food and clothing but we show the love of Jesus, which is most important

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  1. That's a fancy food sorter you got there that rolls all the boxes. I'm sure that's helpful on the back. Thanks for the Plug.