Sunday, August 9, 2009

Brown City Camp

10 days of family, prayer, worship, ice cream, muddy roads (one day of that) awesome preaching, commitments, friends,(making new ones) carmel popcorn, funfair< that's just a few of the great things we experience every year at this great camp, I started going 14 years ago, and it is a high light of our summer we consider it a little taste of Heaven on earth, it's a place where we have tons of fun but also most importantly it's a place where God does a whole lot of heart && soul changing. I thought I would throw a few random pictures in the top one is Fred and the boys walking to service you can see the big tabernacle way up top, then comes some boys with wacky hair for the day,
I am so proud of Collin we did the 5k together it was his 1st one he didn't even train for it he did very well, we came across the finish line together.
This was our home for 10 days,I love my camper it was a gift from God,
the next picture is a few of Emily's friends and of course her brothers and Noah
Fred eating a whole lot of ice cream, the last night they really pour it on to get rid of hit(he didn't finish it) The next one is the 1st-6th grade kids about 300 of them singing on childrens night of course you can't see all of them, they fill the whole stage across the picture
only shows about 1/2.
All ready planning for next year.........


  1. planning for next year already!!! Nice to see you this week. Wish we had more time!

  2. This is a great website and a great testimony. We are happy to be part of the Tuckey family and to see your love for the Lord.
    Vic & Barb Wanner

  3. We share your enthusiasm of loving Jesus and loving Brown City Camp, a highlight of the year. It is also a thrill of worshiping the Lord together at camp and at C.C. Missionary Church. Fred, you are a gifted S.S. teacher. God always speaks something special to us when you teach. Love your great family, Tim n Joanie