Wednesday, February 18, 2009

lazy day

It's was one of those days were I was caught up on everything that I needed to get done so I spent some time playing around with this blog it has been alot of fun. Besides that I did manage to get my soap cut up, I haven't been able to do it, because I caught some horrible stomach virus, that I wasn't sure if it was the flu or not, I ended up going to ER, because the pain wasn't normal, anyway the nausea was not good & I couldn't stand the smell of anything, so my soap sat for a few extra days in it's soap mold,but that's o.k. it was easier getting it out. It smells like pink grapefruit just in case your wondering.



  1. You make soap, my arn't you just a talented little lady! Paul is wondering if you make it out of goats milk? See you have lots to blog about!

  2. this one is not goats milk, but I do make goat milk soap also.