Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Revive me oh Lord

Last week the flu bug was going on in our house, this week the sore throats, ache bodies, runny noses and just feeling yucky. I'm really getting sick of feeling like this. It's bad when hubby & kids get it, but when the mom gets it, everyone and everything suffer because of it. But I have to keep moving or nothing gets done. I do know that God is in control of all things, I seem to draw closer to him when I feel so yucky, because I depend on Him to get me thur the day, which He always does, He amazes me every time I go thru the valleys. This weekend our church is having a fun fair/community pantry for our community, I believe God is going to reach out to some people this weekend, and I think also their is spiritual warfare going on, but I also know who already won the victory. Hopefully I gets some pictures of the fun fair to put up, this will be our 5th year of having Revive, it gets better each year, it's such a blessing to watch all those kids just have fun and to be smiling.
gail t.

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  1. I forgot my coupons!!! Paul seems to think I have enough! Paul told me to load the girls and I wasn't even thinking, I was half way down the road before I remembered. Anyway thanks for the thought! And the soap. I've already put it in the bathroom. I'll let you know what I think. I also found Beths blog, I put it in my google reader so whenever she post I'll get it.

    Told paul that you make most everything from scratch. I couldn't believe it. He says he would of never thought that about you. We look forward to learning more about the Tuckey family