Monday, March 2, 2009

Sourdough Anyone?

Has anyone out there ever made sourdough? well I have to say I did, I made the starter and it took about 8 days to make. All it is, is flour and water mixed together. Every morning you add a cup of water and a cup of flour stir and leave until the next day. The first couple of days were not so bad, then you get into day 3 & 4 and the kids start asking what stinks? By day 6 I wasn't so sure I was liking the smell of it, so I emailed who I got the recipe from and she said it sounded normal and the smell won't always be like that. Last night made 8 days and I was going to make sourdough pancakes in the morning. Put all the ingredients together made a couple pancakes I took one bite and decided it wasn't worth it any more. After half of our family being sick, I just couldn't feed my family something sour. I know sounds pretty dumb, but I don't care. If you could of smelled it, you probally would have threw it away to. So I made some homemade cinnamom rolls instead. Made with 1/2 wheat flour so I am giving my family something good for them, makes me feel a little better than something sour.

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  1. I buy the Cinnamon rolls in the can. HA! I bet your are way better! lol