Monday, March 9, 2009

The Good Samaritan

I was very proud of Jesse today, and I also became very humble at the same time, we were at walmart today, and do you know the electric wheel carts they have for people who can't get around very well. Well there was a lady in one of those and she was having trouble getting it to go, I asked her if maybe the battery was dieing, it kept moving a little, so I just went around her thinking that it was working but was just going very slow as I was walking away Jesse said mom aren't we going to help her, just the way he asked me made me feel bad, I felt awful that I didn't even consider to figure out to help her but I also felt good that my son was concerned about someone he didn't even know, my kids are usually very considerate of others, it's not like this is Jesse's first time ever to be concerned of someone else, I just witnessed a little bit of Jesus today through my son and it was a neat moment for a mom. Just thought I would share that with whoever reads my blog, which by the you can leave comments or sign up to follow me,
and by the way Jesse did go to help her he went to get a cart for her and she insisted that she pay him, he refused the money, which I thought was another good thing that he did, but he did end of taking it after she insisted.

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  1. stories like that, just let you know that you doing a great job.