Thursday, March 26, 2009

Whole Wheat Baking

Today I baked & baked & cooked, something I love to do. Yesterday I went to the gym & ran 5 miles (yes) I wrote 5 , it is getting not only easier but addicting, but it's a good addiction. It feels so good to accomplish something only thru the grace of GOD. When I'm running I focus on God, have prayer time along with having my mp3 player blasted as loud as I can plus realizing that God is the one carry me thru, after my run I went home & crashed I think I did to much, I had absolutely no energy, so I did some research and I think my body just needs to adjust to something that I'm doing totally different other than normal for me, so we'll see in a few weeks, plus I think I really need to be more serious about eating better. So today I baked & cooked healthy cookies, healthy fruit muffins and plus I was hunger for brown rice pudding, I figured it was healthy since it was brown rice. I'm trying to get away from using white flour and feeding my family healthier I found a recipe for the muffins on joy the baker she used whole wheat flour and oats they turned out great and the recipe I used for the cookies, I just took a normal recipe and tweaked it with all whole wheat flour and added a few other items. Boy I'm glad my family doesn't complain to much about the wheat, tonight were having chicken noodle soup with whole wheat noodles, now those I myself need to get use to but I just add more of the other ingredients so it covers some of the taste. Well I need to go clean up my kitchen so I can start dinner.

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